White Cube House with A Slate Tiles Roof

Unique home design always steals the attention. A nice home will provide comfort for you and your family. One of the inspiring home designs for you is the “white cube house” with a slate tiles roof.

The design

This design style avoids the use of intricate ornaments as decorations and chooses to combine two elements with different colors and textures to make them memorable after we looked it. In the front facade of this house, the material in question is wood-clad walls and metal accents at several important points, such as windows, fences, garage trim and small rooms on the second floor.

Alloy wood and metal are not new, so is the colour of dark grey and natural brown. A touch of furnishing that disguises the shiny nature of metals, that’s a simple but fantastic idea in this design.

To access the sitting area above, available side door which is also made of glass and is a sliding door. From here we can see the greyish black metal trim on the edge of the wooden wall. A simple element that beautifies the appearance of a minimalist home.

As is usual in minimalist homes, open-plan interiors are applied in areas that are used by all residents of the house together. The area that integrates the living room, kitchen and dining room is on the first floor with the dominance of white on the floor, ceiling and furniture.

You can add gray as an accent to the wall in the kitchen, which has several storage areas with unusual designs. The first is the use of a narrow wall between the kitchen and living room as a shelf and a place to ‘store’ the refrigerator. While the second we can see in the picture below.

The Living Room

The living room is not only comfortable but a room where several interior styles meet. You can put a clean white sofa and soft carpet underneath reflects the modern style. Antique tables near the walls represent an attractive rustic style as they are coupled with expressive paintings in shades of brown. While the industrial style is clearly seen in the design of stairs made of metal with black furnishings.



Jammie Maddison

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