Watcombe House: A Perfect Minimalist House Design

Before building our dream home, the most important step is to: think about what the house will look like. A beautiful home does not have to be an expensive and luxurious home. You can have a simple minimalist home that provides comfort for you and your family.

You can also build a unique house that distinguishes your house from home in general. Usually, people who want a unique minimalist home design does have a fairly high passion for designing a place to stay. Of course, this becomes an appropriate application for them to realize that passion. The construction of a unique minimalist home design does have fairly mature planning and design.

Lately, people are busy building a house with a unique but minimalist design that will certainly attract everyone’s attention. Having a unique minimalist home design now is not only owned by people with a passion for a property but also applied to many people’s homes as a residence.

Watcombe House

One unique home design that can inspire you is Watcombe House. This house project involved the dismantling of a small bungalow in 1920 with a house that has three new contemporary rooms. The house was later used as a wooden nature reserve and surrounded by forests in the east. But it has a view of the countryside open to the west. The main consideration of desat watcombe house is to utilize every part of the house which is a narrow long triangle slice.

Actually the existing cottage is very dark and feels very closed because of the hedge of a dense and high boundary. This house was later renovated and made as one of the houses with a unique design that will make everyone like and want to live in the house.

The new house is designed to be used as a house that has typical sporadic rural buildings and agricultural buildings. The design of the house is expected to be able to provide a single element of the cycle floor, dining room and living room. Then the floor has the same degree which is 90 degrees.

The change in orientation has led to the creation of a south-facing courtyard that gives a combination of a private enclosed space that faces to the back and an open garden space that faces to the front.

If you notice, you know that there is a large glass opening with evaluation wrapped in a combination of rough sawed cedar cladding and cedes shingles. This beautiful Watcombe house is made from a wooden frame construction powered by an air source heat pump which results in low operating costs.


Jammie Maddison

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