The house of Montse and Joan: A Bright and Cozy House Design

We find a construction between two-storey medians in the Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona, ​​which had been built as a warehouse in the 60s by a family member of the owners. It was, therefore, an industrial building built on perimeter loading walls, main and secondary beams of iron and ceramic scrap. The main concern of the owners was that the building had very little light since it was surrounded by buildings high, and the main facade, facing north, overlooked a fairly narrow street.

Since the desire of the property was to transform this space, industrial and, therefore, of a cold nature, into a bright and cozy house, we decided to divide the program into two parts.

First, we decided to place the rooms on the ground floor, as well as the bathrooms and storage spaces, taking advantage of the light of the existing courtyards. Second, we place the kitchen and the living-dining room on the first floor.

In order to gain the maximum possible light inside the house, two fundamental decisions were made. On the one hand, a patio was generated on the first floor between the kitchen and the dining room, and on the other the roof of the living area was raised creating a large window at the top that overlooks the roof terrace, giving rise to a high and generous space.

The facades were modified so that the one facing the main street was conceived as a solid ceramic brick base, and the upper body, much more abstract and light, covered with slats of thermo-treated pine wood.

Throughout the project we paid special attention to gardening, which we conveniently adapted to each of the spaces in the house: vines in the courtyards of the rooms, on the ground floor; a lemon tree in the patio on the first floor that overlooks the kitchen and dining room; and on the upper deck, larger plants to ensure better privacy inside the home.

Therefore, the roof was conceived as another garden of the house and, in this way, it was covered with the same wood as the facade.

A floor in the natural oak spike was chosen for the whole house, concrete in kitchen and bathrooms; is the walls were covered with “Cordonné” brand paper, and in some areas and walls of visible work we opted for white paint. And all this to give greater character and warmth to the whole.


Jammie Maddison

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