Takeshi Hosaka House, The Fascinating Minimalist Design

takeshi hosaka house

A house is the most comfortable place to relax and gather with family. Good home design is one of the most important factors that will provide a pleasant atmosphere and can also bring harmony in family relationships.

A dream home doesn’t always have to be large. You can have a house with a narrow land, provided you are able to determine the best design for your home. Therefore, we will provide inspiration regarding Takeshi Hosaka House Design.

The Takeshi Hosaka House Design

Japan is a country that has a house with a unique design. The design of the house is indeed the hallmark of the country and many other countries have adopted and modified Japanese home designs as their home designs.

One of the cities in Japan that has many homes with unique designs in Tokyo. Here you can see there are many houses with their own characteristics. One of them is Takeshi Hosaka House Design.

The Takeshi Hosaka House is a house built in downtown Tokyo. A house with 73 m² total floors that can be used as a dream home for families. When you observe the design of this house, you will realize that the windows and balconies in each house are used as a relaxing location.

The balconies are also used as locations for seeing the awesome view of Tokyo. Takeshi House Design generally uses windows on all four sides and then will also place a large balcony and also a small balcony so that the balcony is more lively.

The balcony at Takeshi House is made with the concept that even though you are outside the house, but in reality, you are inside the house. This kind of setting is the hallmark of Takeshi House architecture that can provide a pleasant atmosphere for your family. You can also notice that even though Takeshi Hosaka’s house is not too big.

However, the architectural design is able to utilize every existing room so it does not give the impression of a cramped home. Takeshi Hosaka House can bring a good atmosphere for the family so that they will always happy, comfortable, and certainly makes everyone feel at home living in the house.

takeshi hosaka house


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