Rooftop House: A Minimalist House in Restricted Area

Having a magnificent and modern home is everyone’s dream. Dream home will provide comfort and tranquillity for residents of the house. But what if we build houses on land that is not too large?

Actually there are several ways you can do to continue to build a comfortable and magnificent house even on a narrow land. One way is to use a rooftop house design. The design of this house at least requires an area of ​​78.3b m2.

The Rooftop House Design

This house is actually in the form of a small one with a size of around 60 square meters. You often find this rooftop house in a residential area of Tokyo that we know that this area is a densely populated area.

Because it is in a densely populated area so the Japanese government does not allow to build large buildings. Even so, you can still build a comfortable home that is not limited by narrow land. Your home still provides freedom and comfort for anyone who lives here.

The Building

The house building was made in 4 layers with a ground floor, then 1, 2 floors, and a roof. You should always consider using your roof properly if you are building a house in an urban area or in a densely populated area. Because the size of the house is always limited by the rules of the city block so that sometimes it limits our creativity to build a dream house.

Therefore, maximizing the space on the roof of your house, you can use it as effectively as possible. You can place the device from a wooden deck that allows residents to experience nature and the transition of the season with the surrounding scenery or the wind passing through the roof.

You will notice that there is an opening large enough for the living room on the 2nd floor. When opened by a double swing window, the opening will bring light into the room. It can even cause effects as if bringing exterior space into a building. In addition, the roof is connected directly through the exterior stairs so you will feel a unique sense of comfort and stability at the r guests’ money.



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