Patio House: A Beautiful House with Unique Green Open Space

Designing environmentally friendly homes is certainly a necessity for every architect in the world. Environmental friendly design with energy minimization, a variety of plants and also enough open space in the house is part of how to create an eco-house. Like this house in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The house that was designed by MM ++ Architects feels very beautiful both outside and inside the building.

This house was built in a residential area of ​​Ho Chi Minh which is quite dense. This house is certainly side by side and directly adjacent to the neighbour’s house next to it. The size of the house of 13 meters x 19 meters is a residential property of a young couple with two children. With the size of the house which is certainly not small, a residential arrangement is equipped with a patio and voids in the interior.

Of course, the existence of this patio makes it easy for the sun’s natural light to enter its dwelling. Plus the circulation of air exchange becomes easier. Uniquely again, the ground floor is raised so that it is different from the height of the road. This allows residents to look towards the vehicle parking area. The outermost fence which is very high certainly gives the privacy of the homeowner with the density of the road outside its occupancy. Very unique for a residential house.

The Entrance

To enter this residence, there are two entrances. The glass wall at the front of the house is certainly exposed to guests, but because the height of the road is different so not the whole interior can be directly seen. For the guest entrance, there are stairs with a mini garden with a variety of plants decorate it.

The stairs lead guests to the porch before entering the living room. While the other door is a door with stairs that directly leads to the patio and kitchen area of ​​the parking lot. The kitchen which is also equipped with a dining area has a very prominent appearance. The existence of wood-lined walls becomes the focal point in this open space.

The Kitchen

The kitchen which looks elegant and is also complete is very pleasant for residents who love cooking activities. The long and spacious dining table that can be used for large events in this house.


Jammie Maddison

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