Olwen House: A Tradisional House Design From Central Vietnam

We often find a very entertaining impression about simple traditional house designs, where relics are displayed lovingly, each piece of furniture is very rich in historical heritage and every detail is carefully watched. Being in an ethnic style house can inspire romance and the traditional atmosphere of the past.

Every ethnic style house is always synonymous with a peaceful, comfortable, relaxed and calm atmosphere. The atmosphere seemed to transfer you back to the ‘roots’ that you left behind when the busyness and complexity of life became more burdensome. Anyone would feel at home in it.

Olwen House

Olwen House is a housing project located in a tightly woven neighbourhood in Danang, Central Vietnam. This house was built for retail space, showroom, makeup, and workspace for photography studio needs. Olwen House is built on a 75 square meter plot of land in a low-rise terrain and surrounded by “blackhouses” and approached by a 2.5-meter narrow alley.

The Design

This house is inspired by the lifestyle and traditional structure of an ancient house in Central Vietnam. Not surprisingly, the design has a classic concept. Olwen House is composed of multi-storey that is stacked vertically for multi-functional structures.

This results in a unique holistic solution that invites and enables seamless integration between multi-generational family members, between concrete and nature, and between the past lives of buildings and the more vibrant present.

Every single floor has its own function: The first and second floors are for workspace that is combined with showrooms for wedding dresses. The third floor is used for a gathering room for the whole family. A ladder is mounted outside, creating movement disturbances, separating the workspace and showroom, from the family room. Space is designed to avoid feeling cramped while ensuring privacy.


Natural elements are added to make sure to see the tree, listen to the birds singing and see the sunshine, and feel the breeze every morning. Via Olwen House, D1 also wants to raise awareness about a new philosophical approach to modern living in Vietnam for contemporary investors: an approach that adapts creatively to our cities that are very urban with lessons learned from our rich past.



Jammie Maddison

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