Love House From Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Takeshi Hosaka Architects is one of the home design that is now widely known. People who have not too much land can use this design to create a dream home. Takeshi Hosaka’s home design is named Love House which presents a minimalist view of the house that will provide comfort for anyone in the house. This house uses 31.41 square meters of land which is divided into two parts with 18.84 square meters each.


Like the picture we gave, the design of this house seems simple. But if you enter the house, you will know that the interior design of this house is highlighted compared to the exterior design. A room that can provide peace and comfort is one of the inspirational homes that you can apply.

This house is suitable for newly married couples. Takashi House design has a concept where humans and cats can live and live together. If you have a cat, you don’t need to make a cat house. Your cat can even live with you, which makes the feel of home more enjoyable.

So, the concept of this house is basically a house where you are like being outside when in reality you are inside the house. The irregularly shaped rectangular building makes the house look more beautiful.

The Roof and Walls

The roof and walls have also been carefully designed where the wind and light can enter and give freshness to your home. You can also put plants in the opening of the roof. When the rainy season, you do not need to water the plants because the water is directly obtained from rainwater. Meanwhile, you can also put boxes in the bedroom and bathroom to further add to the beauty of the room.

All in all, Love House is a house that has a minimalist design and can be built on land measuring approximately 30 square meters. This house has a concept where humans and cats can live together without having to make their own home for cats.



Jammie Maddison

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