JRZ House: A Contemporary House with Avant-Garde Concept

This house is the creation of an architect named Elaine Zanon. This project has successfully built a house with a modern and amazing design. Each section creates an intimate integration even though it is limited by the funds that are not too large. But in the end, JRZ house became one of the houses with the best design.

Integration can be identified through lighting panels and also stair ventilation. In addition, you will notice that the external kitchen decks are made as comfortable as possible to give the impression of a magnificent and modern.

This house also has good air ventilation. The big challenge of building the JRZ house is that it is actually proposed to be able to create a contemplative journey for those who live here. In addition, there is circulation by the mirror D catwalk, waterfalls, parks, ponds, and entrances with the concept of three-door pivoting of living.

This access is also directly connected to the interior of the house. When you experience the interior design of this house, then you will immediately be amazed and might make JRZ house one of your inspirations.

– Emphasis on ponds covered by Limestone da Gramarcal, which provides neutrality and smoothness in composition with external floors. The harmony of these salient elements respects the landscape and makes access to a pleasant living experience.

– Highlight on Lavabo for the contrast between the Armani bronze stones from gramarcal, which form ~ and the entire walls and tables smoothly, with the floor in light porcelain tones, framing the green landscape in the background.
-Focus on the layer on the Gramarcal Limestone on the façade that contrasts with the warm tone painting proposal.


– Emphasis on metalworking Bunese barbecue in a Gourmet room with reflective glass closure with guillotine door systems. The use of this system has created a harmonious and conceptual environment.



Jammie Maddison

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