Carriage House: A Wonderful House with A Unique Design

Carriage House is one of the attractive home designs arranged and designed into a comfortable home. Made from a locomotive which illustrates to show how something unconventional can be turned into something really good with some creative ideas.

The carriage carries the role of the centre and also as a giant carpenter’s workshop which is continuously glazed so as to make strong visual connections to both sides. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are made in and around train cars. While the train cars are used as a family room.

The Carriage House Design

This train car is placed in the middle of the structure of the house. Gives a touch of contemporary edges, such as a sloping roof, a broad and shiny front, and an artsy indoor and outdoor living room that makes you feel freer. This unique house can be an extraordinary attraction.

This house can be categorized as a semi-permanent house. Reflective surfaces reflect the landscape, a combination of design and nature that stands apart. The main design will remind us of the atmosphere at the train station, and the wooden floors and deck become a platform that welcomes homeowners.

This house is also made of sturdy metal, making this house safer and more comfortable. In addition to the train and the glass wall, the dining room and outdoor relax to make the atmosphere blend with nature without borders.

The Interior

Bedroom design, wooden space with an atmosphere not far from the train theme. Roofs, built-in tables, windows and doors all describe the interior of the train. Circular windows provide natural lighting in a casual style, beautiful aesthetics to complement the rough concrete walls.

The bedroom faces the back garden which gives a comfortable impression when you wake up. In addition, this carriage house also has a visual display connecting the back garden and the park with the front garden to form a corridor that is accessed through the bedroom.

The Exterior

From the outside, you will get a view of the house with attractive lighting, which illuminates the surrounding trees. A glass-enclosed terrace offers a relaxing feel in a minimalist space and focuses on outdoor viewing.


Jammie Maddison

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