A Wonderful Takeshi Hosaka House Architects

Small house designs are now growing. A residential area of ​​less than 20 square meters in Japan can be transformed into a comfortable home. The house, named Love2 House, was designed by architect Takeshi Hosaka. He got a land area of ​​31.41 square meters in Tokyo and divided it into two, each covering an area of ​​18.84 square meters.


This house was inspired by the 9.18 square meters Hojyo Square by Choumei and Le Corbusier’s Cabanon Cabin which is 16.85 square meters. “I want to realize in this small house, the five ideal elements of the Roman style namely learning, theatre, music, baths, and gastronomy,” said Takeshi Hosaka. This house is designed with two curved roofs in the shape of a shell, so that residents can get direct access to sunlight.


The two structures are combined at different heights and make a simple shape of the house. The shape of the shell is straight to blend with the environment, but the top of the shell is slightly curved. Although there is no direct supply of sunlight in winter, the conical roof of the house is able to make some light. While in the summer, direct sunlight can shine on the interior of the house.

In addition, this small house is also made of seven walls separating the three main zones namely the dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. House plans made with a rectangular shape. From the entrance, there is an activity room that can be used as a place of work and meetings.

And then, there is a kitchen that is limited by a one-meter high concrete wall. At the back of the kitchen, there is a bed and a back door that leads to an open bathroom with a bathtub. The sunlight and moonlight that play in the Love House, we know that all that is given to nature on earth is prepared in a very small Love House



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