A Simple and Modern House Design from Barcelona

We are in a residential building of the year 1935 in Barcelona, ​​very close to the sea, in a space to reform located on its last floor.

The Roof

The gable roof, built with wooden beams and ceramic flutters, had an optimum height to build a mezzanine. Aloft that will expand the space and in turn will house a study that is discriminated openly to the living room and bedroom; a subtle space, from which to work with the comfort of very suggestive natural materials.

The intermediate slab, suspended diaphanously in the center of the construction, has the complementary function of expanding and articulating that space and becomes the central axis of the project, since the only closed spaces are the bathroom of the room on the floor low and a small storage room in the attic.

The basic idea was to build this constructive element almost like a sheet of paper, suspended in the center of the house, as light as possible, so that space flowed around it, and created an interesting visual relationship between the spaces and the functions that the client intended.

The Staircase

The mezzanine and the staircase that gives it access were built in white painted iron and with ceramic pieces in the interwoven, in this way achromatism was generated between the white, the original colour of the ceramics and that of the natural oak wood of the I usually. The set guarantees a harmonious fit between white and the colourful elements, such as wooden beams, ceramic flutters and brick walls from the beginning of the last century.

The owner, a young Catalan designer who lives in Asia, wanted a modern, open and flexible home to spend his brief stays in Barcelona; a relaxed place near the sea where you can rest and, on time, work more slowly in your projects.

The floor facing a corner had a geometry that we had to modify at some point to find interesting diagonals and leakage elements.

The decoration, in general, was made with furniture of Maisons du Monde and other objects that she already had in her former home.



Jammie Maddison

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