A Modern Vintage House From Fabi Architekten BDA, Regensburg

Everyone must dream to have their own dream home. You are modern, will choose a house that suits your taste. Even so, it does not mean that retro home designs are abandoned by their fans. This antique decoration for some people might be considered too outdated and dull.

However, if you are smart enough to match the interior design with various furniture, your simple vintage home design will still be able to stand out.

Starting from the fence to the front exterior, you can already guess what kind of vintage look presented by the architect through this work. The sitting area is surrounded by large mid-century windows and typical wooden-patterned floors.

Old photographs that fill the walls make the impression of a vintage increasingly felt. Coupled with sad lighting that can be the vintage home of your dreams.

A Modern Vintage House

After a major fire in the historic building in the middle of the old town of Straubing, the 5-storey residential building was renovated. This gave the opportunity to rebuild the top floors on the 4th and 5th floors and combine them into one apartment.


We were able to develop a spacious loft with a large roof terrace for a young family with two children over the roofs of the old town – with a wonderful view of the Straubing city tower.

Through longer periods of life in France, the builders developed a pronounced passion for the combination of modern and exquisite used objects – a kind of “bourgeois bohemian style”.

We combined this pair of opposites into a design u. Material concept. Douglas fir as floor-length, white-oiled floorboards and as cladding for the set room cube, limestone as flooring and for the washbasins and water basins, brass for kitchen blocks, lights, fittings, fittings and raw steel for the stairs.

Solid coloured MDF in black acts as a big bracket for everything. The combination of a linear structure with modern fittings and the sprinkling of old furniture with beautiful signs of use results in an extraordinarily vital mixture.


Jammie Maddison

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