A Modern Mecanoo Villa From Vaught, Netherland

A villa in the Dutch countryside near Vaught gives a contemporary feel to the local farm. Traditionally the ‘hoeve’ is an ensemble farmhouse and has become a residence that huddles around the yard. Open space is a centre but opened to the surrounding landscape around it.

The villa’s decoration is divided into 3 different volumes which are formed by giving the feel of a small village. If you notice, the two volumes have a lower shape like a pointed barn that is directly connected to the surrounding park.

The higher volume serves to capture the landscape and form striking contracts with lower buildings. The highest element is the most prominent building which contains the main bedroom on the ground floor. Then the children’s room is on the top floor and the roof is also applied on the top floor.

Of the two barns, one is used as a living room and kitchen with a large dining room and veranda in the southwest. Then there is the workroom and the playroom on the first floor.

The Mecanoo Villa

This villa has a large barn that can accommodate approximately 20 people. Both of these 20 can participate in workshop classes, culinary, and various other activities to build teams. Next to the studio, you will see the storage area and garage and guest suite which is on the first floor.

You can open a large sliding door in the middle to get into the yard. The design of this house seeks to combine various functions of the house while still maintaining the typology of a separate traditional farm.

For this purpose, the corridor was made half-submerged and hid under a mound of grass and to connect a higher southeast volume than the living room of the warehouse. The warehouse which contains the cooking studio and also the guesthouse is made separately to maintain the view from the yard to the surrounding landscape.

The Construction

The window frame has a brighter colour and has a lighter bronze aluminium coating. Wood is used to make interior structures and designs more impressive. The building also has a multi-layered wooden structure that uses silver interior surfaces of European fir, a type of wood with fine textiles.



Jammie Maddison

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