A Modern House Portico For New Couple

Portico or portico is a decorative element that is usually presented in front of the entrance which consists of pillars and a peaked roof. Portico is often displayed in the early colonial architectural style house, so that it strongly reflects the influence of European design. The basic design of the Portico can be modified to make a special portico.

Although there are currently various types and designs of Portico, the main principles of Portico remain the same, namely to dispel the entrance view directly, so it is not directly visible from the outside. The following will be discussed about Portico in general and some of the features that commonly accompany Portico.

The House Portico

This house is located in the Rozna Dolina district which is a valley of flowers. The design of this house came from Ltjubljana which was originally the people to build a house that is located close to the place of crime. The low pasture at a place called Rozna Dolina was bought in the 1980s by the Slovenian Workers’ Association.

Today, the house portico is one of the most popular designs that you can find at the zoo, Trivoli Park and Roznik Hill. Desai this house has been developing from year to year. Until finally have a design as good and grand as this.

The Building

The building has an ancient interior design that will amaze people when they enter this house. You can notice that the color of this house is gray in almost all parts, giving the impression of luxury, elegance, and unique compared to other houses that usually have white as the main color.

Provision of ventilation for airflow and the entry of light makes this house more amazing. You don’t even need a light in the morning until the afternoon unless the weather is cloudy. There are many places you can use to relax while facing shady trees.

At night, you also see a view of a clear sky filled with stars that give the impression of romance if you live with your partner, especially for you who are just married.


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