A Modern Construction of Beer-Fuchs House in Alteglofsheim

Refurbishment means “healing” – this basic idea formed the guideline for the design process. The existing residential building from 1906 was severely weakened by various conversions in its original strong and clear shape. The existing living space in the existing building was not sufficient for the young family, so the design was expanded to include the addition of the existing building.

The existing building was to be restored to its original balanced proportions. Old photos and plans served as a template for new details. Box windows lying flush in the facade with single-pane glazing on the outside and double insulating glazing on the inside, smooth beaver covering, plaster ornaments with traditional patterns and a sensitive connection between existing components and new fittings characterize the existing house. The original floor plan has largely been restored.

The Interior Design

The living-dining room, guest study and the utility area are located on the ground floor. The individual areas (the two children’s rooms, bedroom and bathroom) are located on the top floor.

The new building should clearly set itself apart from the existing building so that the original house proportions remain visible. It quickly became clear to us that here no dualism old – new, but a much finer type of joining leads to the ideal result. The new building is like a new family member – independent, but related.

The color of the cube in the modern wooden frame construction with a green flat roof, facade cladding made of glued cement-bonded fiberboard and all-glass windows is precisely adapted to the existing structure. It opens to the magnificent orchard – here is the new living space.

The transition from the existing to the new building was planned as a kind of “zip”. A wooden frame glass construction that does not bring intangible, but gently brings together new and old. The former floor plan axis of the old building is expanded and directed towards the new building and garden. The ideal place to read, relax and celebrate.

The Exterior 

The outdoor facilities are also carefully planned: water-bound ceilings, economical granite paving, a flower farm garden facing the street. The fruit tree population remains completely untouched.

Planning/site management: fabi architekten bda, Regensburg
Building services: Christian Weickl, Regensburg
Statics: Graml & Seitz, Regensburg
Timber construction company: Timber construction Penzkofer, Eschlkam

Planning time: 10.2005 – 09.2006
Construction period: 10.2006 – 09.2007
Living space: new 117 m²
Gross volume: new 108 m



Jammie Maddison

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